Founded in Beijing in the year 2001, Metal Challenge has been dedicated and specialized in the fields of domestic and global trading of non-ferrous metals. Products we deal include mineral ore, raw materials, metal products, futures and finance derivatives.

We also provide consulting services for logistics and projects managements relevant to metals industry.


The Center for Copper and Mining Studies, CESCO, and the Shanghai Futures Exchange, SHFE, are please to announce that Asia Copper Week has been held for the 4th time in Shanghai in November, 2015.

Throughout the years, Asia Copper Week has offered a unique platform for the industry to discuss relevant issues that impact the market.

Metal Challenge is a member of the Executive Committee of the event, we manage and assist in all aspects of the preparation and production of the event. 


Metal Challenge, based in China, is one of the leading independent traders and marketers of metals and minerals. With rapid development of the Chinese non-ferrous metals market, our dynamic and energetic team, utilizing years of experience, formed up their unique core competitiveness in trading modes and hedging ideas. They built for Metal Challenge a worldwide supply network of metals and minerals. Metal Challenge strives to be a competitive and influential partner in the markets it operates, and it aims to support its customers getting access to worldwide resources of commodities.


As the world’s leading steel maker, China is nevertheless being obsessed by the ever declining margin level with many of enterprises struggling at bare break-even points. This has made it clear to us that once the volume shortage has been resolved, the key driver will in turn be quality improvement. We endeavor to bring advanced technology and equipment into China, hence contributing to the upgrading of China’s steel quality.

Metals and Mineral Resources
Global / Domestic trading of non-ferrous metals raw materials and products, financial direvatives and related products.
Projects Management and Consultant
Project schedule management, consulting. JV management. Asia Copper Week.
Machinery Department
Sales agency of multiple metallurgical equipment manufacturers; Marketing.
2019 Annual Party 2023-01-28
2018 Annual Party 2022-01-28
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